About Us

Sanitation Solutions (SanSol) is a not-for-profit organisation, registered as an NGO in Ghana. It was formed in October 2011 by an international team of eight volunteers, all of whom share a common commitment to help improve health and sanitation in the developing world. SanSol is affiliated to the Millennium Promise Alliance in Ghana.

Inappropriate sanitation and poor hygiene practices at the household level cause severe environmental pollution and pose a substantial health risk. It is estimated that in Ghana only 13% of the population have access to improved household sanitation facilities that meet WHO standards. This is highly correlated to the premature death from diarrhoea each year of approximately 19,000 Ghanaians, including 5,100 children under 5. Annual health care costs from inadequate sanitation in the country is estimated at 420 million GHC (223 million US$) (Worldbank/WSP). Additionally, uncontrolled sanitary waste disposal represents a significant soil nutrient loss.

Recycling of these nutrients could stabilise soil fertility; reduce reliance on imported fertilizers and strengthen the security of the nation's food supply. In 2012, the Ghanaian government spent over 120 million GHC (63 million US$) to import mineral fertilizers to improve the country's soil nutrient levels. The production of locally produced organic fertiliser from sanitary wastes could reduce the need for imports, create jobs and provide additional sources of income. Considerable benefits can be realised by the combination of improved sanitation and nutrient cycling, The successful introduction of these concepts remains low however. Strategies for confinement, treatment and composting of faecal matter and other biological waste to supply plant nutrients have been developed, but their integration into a system that works locally without external backup is still missing. There is a huge need to develop well adapted business strategies to support sanitation and compost systems and translate their advantages into direct economic benefits. SanSol will provide clear guidelines on how to set up and maintain sanitation systems while at the same time work with the communities to create viable and profitable business opportunities which would help to cover the costs for these solutions. Ultimately this will enable local communities and partners to realise both the health and environmental benefits through the implementation of sustainable sanitation solutions.